Adelaide, the city of robots.

Adelaide seems to be quite fond of robots and androids, and not just at the 2017 ACMC. The new Royal Adelaide Hospital being built on North Terrace features a slick new logistics system powered by Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which move food, linen, and other goods about the facility. The hospital is expansive, having around 800 beds all with their own rooms, spread over a large area. This luxurious expanse comes with its own logistics challenge, and rather than wear out the legs of valuable staff with long walks and reduce their ability to be efficient, the AGV robots will take over many of the most laborious logistical tasks, but won’t make direct contact with patients.

Musical possibilities abound..

Embedded here is a video by the manufacturer previewing the robots in action. Perhaps we can help the manufacturer come up with a more exciting musical theme for them with instrumentalists riding around the echoey hallways?


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