Accommodation pointers and a little update.

forested_elder_hall_28233637265729You might be keen to attend ACMC in September/October but are you sorted for accommodation? Here are a few ideas from a local, which might actually be terrible as locals have never had to stay anywhere in Adelaide…

There’s no sales pitch here, just a heads up. Being the long weekend and the OZ Asia Festival, it might be a tad difficult to find accommodation.

First up, the campus is located on North Terrace, quite east of a fine selection of fancy and overtly obvious hotel chains. If luxury and proximity to a Casino is not your thing there are some excellent options. It can’t hurt to check a service like air-bnb, but here is a few other ideas.

If you like the idea of a walk through our rather top notch botanic gardens there are some nice little BnB Cottages in Hackney just outside the parklands surrounding Adelaide. They are the cosiest of locations and you can share with some friends to lower costs.

Closer by in town we have a few middle-upper range of hotels just a few blocks from the scenic campus on North Terrace, the best of which mean traversing a favorite eating district (Rundle Street).

There is a number of shareable serviced apartments throughout the city and, of note and proximity, in the lower half of North Adelaide, which would make for a peaceful morning walk to the conference and close proximity to the other favorite eating district (O’Connell St).

For students and those on shoestrings there is a choice of at least 2 back-packers nearby on King William Road and even more in the night-lifey western side if you don’t mind the longer walk (keep an eye for Gouger Street for a really choice meal).

Adelaide is all in the details.

We are finalising our peer reviews and programming right now, so stay tuned for for a heap of new information about our conference!

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