Scary Beauty – An Android Opera World Premiere

Hello again, synthesizing enthusiastics,

One of the most exciting features of this years ACMC, presented in cooperation with the Adelaide OzAsia Festival, has got to be the world premiere of Keiichiro Shibuya’s android opera, Scary Beauty. All our attendees will be attending this eerily relevant event as a part of .

Here is a link and a small excerpt from the event page, hosted at I can highly recommend having a look at what else is on at OzAsia this year, if you can find some extra time.

“Keiichiro Shibuya is an iconoclastic Japanese composer and pianist, known internationally for his renowned vocaloid opera, The End, composed for Japanese virtual popstar Hatsune Miku.

His new opera experiment, Scary Beauty, is composed for Skeleton, one of the world’s most sophisticated Androids. Skeleton will sing live on stage at this world premiere event.

Skeleton has its own neural network mimicking our human brains. This gives it complete control over its limbs and facial expressions through electronic sensors.

Keiichiro Shibuya has composed three songs to be performed by Skeleton with the Australian Art Orchestra. The music will combine tape loops, string quartet, trumpet, saxophone, bass trombone, piano, and percussion to produce utterly unprecedented music expressing the absurdity, tragedy, and beauty of the human condition. ”


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