Last Days for Earlybird Registration

8329_reid2Hello, wavewubbers,

A quick reminder that the earlybird registration fees are only available for today and tomorrow! Better pull that finger out of your ear this afternoon unless you really like paying premium price (although it will still be a very affordable conference).

I have some news on the conference dinner as well, a multiple course Chinese banquet including steamed, roasted, braised, and stir-fried dishes. You can bet I will be there (although that’s not really the big selling point).

The ‘Concert of Tomorrow’ is coming along nicely, with rehearsals in full swing.  The students here are preparing their own banquet of micro-concerts on transhumanism for your delectation. The included image is from Chris Reid’s review of our 2015 laptop orchestra concert, ENO Plays Eno in Realtime Arts Magazine.

You may have noticed the conference program is out. There are four main paper sessions spread out over the weekend, 3 artist talks, and 2 concerts not including the world premiere of the android opera, Scary Beauty AND an exclusive talk by the creative team behind it.

It is worth noting there is a typo on that early draft of the program too, the second concert is Saturday night, not Friday. Stay tuned for updates and tweaks!

Here’s hoping to see you there!


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