A lecture by Professor Takeshi Ikegami, University of Tokyo The Braggs Lecture Theatre University of Adelaide 11am, Friday September 29, 2017   Can a robot produce art? Professor Takeshi Ikegami, one of the world’s leading researchers in robotics and Artificial Intelligence, presents an eye-opening talk, beginning with a discussion about developing the world’s first android-led opera, … More ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE FUTURE OF THE ARTS

An Early Access Release of our Program of Events

Good afternoon, electroscholars and acoustimentors alike, In the interest of stirring your hearts, minds, and ears, we have been pushing the towards something like a program of events, so that you might aurally salivate in anticipation. The result of that labour is presented here, likely subject to change and debugging as the conference approaches. Feel … More An Early Access Release of our Program of Events

Scary Beauty – An Android Opera World Premiere

Hello again, synthesizing enthusiastics, One of the most exciting features of this years ACMC, presented in cooperation with the Adelaide OzAsia Festival, has got to be the world premiere of Keiichiro Shibuya’s android opera, Scary Beauty. All our attendees will be attending this eerily relevant event as a part of . Here is a link … More Scary Beauty – An Android Opera World Premiere

ACMC 2017 Registration!

Computer Music Comrades! To start off what should be a very informative week, I’m glad to announce that registration for ACMC2017 is now online. The registration fee covers all the sessions, concerts, and a ticket to ‘Scary Beauty‘, an experimental opera composed by Keiichiro Shibuya for ‘Skeleton’, one of the world’s most sophisticated Androids, to … More ACMC 2017 Registration!

Keynote – Professor Takashi Ikegami

Keynote Speaker: Professor Takashi Ikegami Professor and principal investigator of the lab, Takashi Ikegami is a professor in the Department of General Systems Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His works encompasses both the arts and sciences and deals with complex systems and artificial life. He received his doctorate in physics from the University of … More Keynote – Professor Takashi Ikegami